Electoral District Maps - Amended Final Report

      The Electoral Boundaries & Representation Commission is mandated to redraw the boundaries of the existing 49 electoral
      districts ensuring the number of electors in each riding is as close as reasonably possible to the electoral quotient.

The links below are the PDF images of the maps, as contained in the commission’s amended final report.

This page also contains an interactive digital viewer of the new electoral map, which allows individuals to easily zoom in to each of the electoral districts using their mouse.

 Electoral District Interactive Map -
  Amended Final Report

Note: To view a digital interactive version of the electoral map click on the above link. This map viewer provides online access to the provincial electoral boundaries described in the Amended Final Report. The viewer allows you to zoom in and out on the electoral districts using your mouse or the + and – symbols on the screen.


ESRI Shape Files

Provincial Electoral District Maps