Government of New Brunswick

The departments of Health, Environment and Local Government, and Tourism, Heritage and Culture are currently collaborating on a steering committee.

The committee oversaw the development of the new Parlee Beach water monitoring protocol.

The long-term aim of the committee is to identify both the point and non-point sources of bacteria throughout the Shediac Bay Watershed to address and mitigate those sources where possible.

The steering committee will be undertaking the following activities:


Target completion date
Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders Ongoing
Establish a technical work plan to identify sources of bacteria January 2017
Beach water sampling and monitoring procedures – examining locations, protocol, frequency, and responsibility  April 2017
Beach water sample testing procedures – examining types of testing and responsibility April 2017
Enhance public health advisory signage  April 2017
Develop sampling and monitoring plan to identify sources of bacteria for the Shediac Bay Watershed May 2017
Public communication plan – examining web content, information kiosks, advisories, media notices June 2017
Implement the sampling and monitoring plan June 2017
Complete sampling and monitoring May 2018
Complete technical work plan assessment May 2018
Report highlighting recommended actions to government June 2018