Government of New Brunswick

We want New Brunswick to be a place where people who work hard can get ahead.

We want New Brunswick to be a place where entre­preneurial risk is rewarded by new wealth creation.

We want New Brunswick to be a place where people, young and old, can build happy and fulfilled lives; where families can thrive; and where new Canadians can prosper.

We have proven we can compete and win in the global economy. There are examples all over the province of entrepreneurs who have built globally competitive businesses. We have attracted global companies to in­vest in our natural resource-based and our knowledge-based industries. We must build on these examples. We have the tools for success at our fingertips.

If the New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan is successful, what are we hoping to achieve in the short term? What will a growing and vibrant New Brunswick look like in 2020? We need to focus our talent development, economic development, innovation investments and other activities of the provincial government to help bring New Brunswick back to a strong rate of economic growth. The Government of New Brunswick needs a growing tax base/economic foundation on which to raise enough revenue to fund quality public services and public infrastructure.

People The workforce is expanding and the province has returned to net employment growth. The economy will expand again, driving new employment in export-oriented and local services-oriented sectors.

The population is returning to solid growth – particularly among those 40 and younger. Increasing the number of younger New Brunswickers is critical to supporting long-term growth.
Innovation Investment in R&D is increasing. Entrepreneurs are building innovative start-ups. New Brunswick companies are investing in competitiveness.
Capital New Brunswick-based, national and international firms are boosting their investment here. Start-up companies and fast-growing entrepreneurs have access to capital.
Infrastructure The $150 million set aside by the provincial government each year for strategic investments is renewing key public- and private-sector infrastructure. New innovation- boosting infrastructure has been built around the province.
Agility Government has become more agile. Decisions have been made that put the pro- vincial government finances on a firm foundation and ensure that tax rates remain stable and quality public services and infrastructure can be maintained. It is easier to start a business. Red tape has been reduced and the time it takes to get permits and other approvals has gone down. Many regulations that impact business across the Maritimes Provinces have been harmonized. Government decision-making occurs in a more timely fashion.

In the longer term, a sustained focus on the elements of the New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan is meant to create a strong economic foundation and the basis for a high quality of life for all of us. We will have addressed:

  •  our PEOPLE challenge:

– by growing our workforce,

– by providing more targeted training and skills alignment efforts, and

– by significantly growing the number of new and returning New Brunswickers settling here.


  • our INNOVATION challenge:

– by fostering an innovative, competitive and en­- trepreneurial economy, and

– by investing in Research and Development.


  • our CAPITAL challenge:

– by attracting private-sector investment based on the strength of our business climate.


  • our INFRASTRUCTURE challenge:

– by making a long-term commitment to invest­ing in infrastructure that will ensure industries continue to invest here and talent from around the world will come to call our province home.


  •  our AGILITY challenge:

– by increasing the speed at which government responds to economic opportunities, changing global markets and our citizens within a sustainable fiscal framework.


In the longer term, a growing economy and expand­ing workforce will enable us to continue the progress started in the 1960s.

People A demographically balanced, growing population and economy creating a sustainable economic foundation for all regions.

Multicultural, diverse and thriving communities.

Innovation An innovative economy and population creating higher-value activity.
Capital An environment that is attractive to private-sector investment and that encourages us to invest locally.
Infrastructure World-class infrastructure supports economic and social objectives.
Agility A government fiscal framework that is sustainable and reduces our dependency on fiscal equalization payments.
The focus on agility means that New Brunswick is known across North America as an excellent location in which to invest. We have an economy providing opportunities for all.
Deeper dive: Taking control of our destiny
Sometimes it feels, as individuals, communities and a province, that events outside our control are shaping our destiny. Even though we are buffeted by global and national economic forces, we have to realize that no one else is coming to our rescue. In Paris, Shanghai, Mumbai, New York, Toronto and even Ottawa, our challenges do not show up on the radar. But in Saint John, Beresford, Edmundston, Riverview and Minto, how we address these challenges will determine our future. To us, they mean everything. We must take control of our collective destiny. If we are to achieve the vision for our province in the long term, it will be our decisions – as individuals, families, business owners, community leaders and government – that will make it happen.