Government of New Brunswick

A key part of the New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan involves the implementation of an economic develop­ment mandate within each government department. Each will help determine potential growth opportunities and build a plan to ensure it is developed in a timely and effective manner.

Beyond the departments with an obvious impact on the economy – the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries, the Department of Energy and Resource Development, etc. – virtually every department has some direct influence on economic growth and job creation. For example, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has been working to export New Brunswick’s secondary school curriculum and to bring international students here to study. There is significant potential to expand this model to develop a new export industry while creating jobs and economic activity. The departments of Health, and Social Development (responsible for Families and Children and Seniors and Long-term Care) are grappling with the issue of ensuring as many New Brunswickers as possible can live out their years in their homes. This represents a significant opportunity for the private sector to develop innovative services in a cost-effective way for government and the public.

Departments will identify opportunities, and Opportuni­ties New Brunswick, along with other departments as necessary, will support the effort to foster economic growth and job creation. As with other economic devel­opment efforts, we will determine the role for depart­ments using our five pillars:   

People Innovation Capital Infrastructure Agility