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Vacancy for appointment

Expropriations Advisory Officer

Expropriations Advisory Officer

The Expropriations Advisory Officer, pursuant to the Expropriation Act, reviews expropriation proposals and holds public hearings on disputes over proposed property expropriations. The Expropriations Advisory Officer acts as an independent advisor on the merits of expropriations proposals.

Current position to be filled:

The provincial government is currently seeking qualified individuals interested in the position of the Expropriations Advisory Officer.

Expressions of interest are invited to fill the position but may also be used to fill future vacancies.

Essential and Asset Qualifications:

The candidate recommended for appointment as the Expropriations Advisory Officer must be fluent in New Brunswick’s two official languages, with strong oral and written communication skills, and should:

  • be a resident of New Brunswick familiar with the geographic regions of the province;
  • have a professional degree in law with knowledge and experience in administrative law and the principles of natural justice and experience in adjudicative hearings;
  • be a senior member in good standing of a law society in Canada for at least 8 years immediately preceding the date of appointment;
  • be a member in good standing of the Law Society of New Brunswick;
  • demonstrate independence, sound judgment and leadership;
  • have a reputation for integrity, honesty and fairness; and
  • work effectively with others and manage conflict constructively.


These rates are currently under review.

Expenses incurred to attend hearings are reimbursed in accordance with the Government of New Brunswick Travel Directive AD-2801. 


Expressions of interest (via the application form or a resume and cover letter) may be submitted by e-mail or regular mail. Submissions should indicate the position you are interested in and include details to demonstrate the above noted qualifications, along with details of education, volunteer, board/committee, work experience, and contact information (telephone number, civic address and e-mail address).

Expressions of interest may be submitted by e-mail or regular mail:


Mailing Address:
Department of Justice and Public Safety
Attention: Appointment Coordinator
Policy Branch
PO Box 6000
Fredericton, NB. E3B 5H1

While we appreciate the interest of those who submit an expression of interest, only those candidates selected for consideration will be contacted.  Inquiries relating to specific opportunities can be made after the deadline passes and should be directed to the responsible department.

Deadline for Submission :

23 June 2023

Type of Appointment :

Appointment by Lieutenant-Governor in Council

Term :

Term of up to 5 years, with possibility for reappointment.

Associated / Responsible Department :

E-mail address for submissions :

ABC-OCCNomination.DPS/[email protected]

Link(s) :

Expropriation Act

Note: Please ensure you have attached necessary documents in Word or PDF format. Links to cloud-based documents (Skydrive, Google Docs, etc.) or other download areas (FTP sites) cannot be accepted due to current Government of New Brunswick security policies.