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Vacancy for appointment

New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation

Members from the Business (2 positions) or Citizen (a person who lives in or has lived in poverty) (2 positions) sectors

Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC) is now accepting expressions of interest from qualified candidates who would like to be considered for an appointment to the ESIC Board for members from the Business (2 positions) or Citizen (a person who lives in or has lived in poverty) (2 positions) sectors. Expressions of interest are invited to fill these positions but may also be used to fill future vacancies.

The Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation Board consists of members who are appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council except for the Leader of the Opposition or their representative:

  • Four Vice-Chairs, one each from the business sector, the non-profit sector, a Minister of the Crown and a person who lives in or has lived in poverty
  • Individuals coming from the non-profit sector
  • Individuals coming from the business sector
  • Citizens who live in or have lived in poverty
  • Ministers of the Crown
  • The Leader of the Opposition or their representative
  • A President

ESIC is looking for board members who are committed to work on the implementation of Overcoming Poverty Together Plan.

Mandate: To develop, oversee, coordinate and implement strategic initiatives and plans to reduce poverty and assist thousands of New Brunswickers to become more self-sufficient.

Vision: Everyone living in New Brunswick has the opportunities, resources, and security to thrive and actively participate in community life.



  • candidate must be a resident of New Brunswick;
  • experience in one of the following sectors: business or citizen who is or was living in poverty;
  • have knowledge and interest in the issues of poverty in NB;
  • be able to communicate effectively and have a willingness to listen to others;
  • be available and committed to fully participate in board and committee meetings, conference calls, e-mails and other activities, as may be required;
  • be willing to serve up to four years;
  • be able to work collaboratively in a team environment to accomplish the Board’s goals and objectives.

The Board as a whole shall reflect the cultural and geographic diversity of the province, its English and French linguistic representation and the need for balanced gender representation.


Appointee must be available and agree to attend and actively participate in Board meetings, of which there are on average three per year and participate in other meetings, conference calls, e-mails, and committees as required.

Transportation, lodging and meal expenses are reimbursed to members as per provincial guidelines. Board Members receive a daily per diem as per the ESIC Act and by-laws.


Expressions of interest (via the application form on the Government of New Brunswick Agencies, Boards and Commissions website or a resume and a cover letter) may be submitted by e-mail, regular mail or fax.

Please ensure in your application or resume you indicate which sector you are applying for (business or citizen who is or was living in poverty), with details of work/life experience, education, community and committee involvement, knowledge of poverty issues, two references with their contact information (telephone number, civic address and e-mail address).

By Mail:
Executive Council Office
Attention: Mary-Clare White
675 King Street Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 1E9

By Fax: 506-453-2266

While we appreciate the interest of those who submit an expression of interest, only those candidates selected for consideration will be contacted. Inquiries relating to specific opportunities can be made after the deadline passes and should be directed to the responsible department.

Deadline for Submission :

12 November 2021

Type of Appointment :

Appointment by Lieutenant-Governor in Council

Term :

Each member of the Board shall be appointed for a term of not more than four years and shall not be appointed for more than two consecutive terms.

Associated / Responsible Department :

E-mail address for submissions :

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Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation

GNB Agencies Boards and Commissions

Note: Please ensure you have attached necessary documents in Word or PDF format. Links to cloud-based documents (Skydrive, Google Docs, etc.) or other download areas (FTP sites) cannot be accepted due to current Government of New Brunswick security policies.