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Agriculture Appeal Board


The Agriculture Appeal Board, established under the Agriculture Appeal Board Act, is responsible to the Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries. The main objectives of the Board are:

  • to hear appeals of decisions made by the Minister under the Agricultural Land Protection and Development Act; or of decisions made by the Registrar under the Farm Land Identification RegulationReal Property Tax Act or by the Registrar under the Livestock Operations Act; and
  • to confirm, vary or revoke the decision under appeal.

The Agriculture Appeal Board is composed of five (5) to nine (9) members including a minimum of one (1) person nominated by the Minister of Environment and Local Government from among land use and planning employees; a minimum of two current or former livestock producers; a minimum of one current or former agricultural producer; and a minimum of one person who is not an employee of the Civil Service.


Current positions to be filled:
The provincial government is currently seeking to fill up to four (4) member positions, which may include:

  • current or former livestock producers;
  • current or former agricultural producers; and
  • a person who is not an employee of the Civil Service.

Expressions of interest are invited to fill this/these position(s) but may also be used to fill future vacancies.



  • Candidates must be resident of New Brunswick.
  • Candidates must not be an employee of the Civil Service.
  • Candidates are asked to self-identify as one of the following:
    • a current or former livestock and/or agricultural producer;
    • a current or former agricultural producer who carries/carried on an agricultural operation as per the Agricultural Operation Practices Act; and
    • a current or former livestock producer who carries/carried on a livestock operation as per the Livestock Operations Act.
  • Board members are to respect any practices and procedures of the board as well as strict confidentiality and conflict of interest principles.


Essential Qualifications/Asset Qualifications:
Ability to communicate in both English and French is considered an asset.

The composition of the Board must reflect the gender and linguistic representation, as well as the cultural and geographic diversity of the province.


Travel will be required to attend board meetings and hearings in Fredericton, and potentially in the vicinity of respective appellants.

Board members who are not employees of the Civil Service are entitled to remuneration. Current remuneration rates for members are fixed at $125 per diem. Reimbursement for accommodations, meal and travel expenses reasonably incurred in connection with their functions as per the Government of New Brunswick Travel Directive AD-2801.


Expressions of interest (via the application form on the ABC website or a resume and a cover letter) may be submitted by e-mail, regular mail or fax, with details of relevant experience and/or qualifications and contact information (telephone number, civic address and e-mail address).


Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheriess
Board Nominations – Crop Sector Development Branch
1350 Regent Street
Fredericton, NB  E3C 2G66

Fax:  (506) 453-2486


Questions regarding the Agriculture Appeal Board can be made to the above e-mail address or by calling Lynn Moore at (506) 453-2108.

While we appreciate the interest of those who submit an expression of interest, only those candidates selected for consideration will be contacted. Inquiries relating to specific opportunities can be made after the deadline passes and should be directed to the responsible department.

Deadline for Submission :

22 March 2019

Type of Appointment :

Appointment by Lieutenant-Governor in Council

Term :

The nomination will be for a term not exceeding five years with the potential for re-appointment

Associated / Responsible Department :

E-mail address for submissions :

Link(s) :

Agricultural Land Protection and Development Act

New Brunswick Regulation 97-83 under the Agricultural Land Protection and Development Act

Livestock Operations Act

New Brunswick Regulation 99-32 under the Livestock Operations Act

New Brunswick Regulation 84-75 under the Real Property Tax Act

Note: Please ensure you have attached necessary documents in Word or PDF format. Links to cloud-based documents (Skydrive, Google Docs, etc.) or other download areas (FTP sites) cannot be accepted due to current Government of New Brunswick security policies.