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    General information about the New Brunswick Organ and Tissue Donation Program can be obtained by contacting the Hospital Services and Operations branch of this department.


    Anyone can donate his or her organs and tissues. The medical suitability of organs and tissues is determined after a donor’s death. Although there are age restrictions for certain organs and tissues, age does not stand in the way of your commitment to be a donor. Parents or guardians must give consent for organ and tissue donations for children under nineteen years of age.


    The New Brunswick Organ & Tissue Donation Program is responsible for coordinating retrieval of organs from all New Brunswick donors and the placement of these organs with Canadian transplant programs. The Program is mandated to develop and maintain a coordinated New Brunswick retrieval system. The New Brunswick Human Tissue Gift Act (2005) states that all hospital deaths are to be considered as possible donors.

    New Brunswickers can register their wishes about organ and tissue donation by calling 506-444-4128.

    Additional information can be obtained by contacting the New Brunswick Organ & Tissue Donation Program.

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