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The New Brunswick Extra-Mural Program (EMP) known by many as the “hospital without walls, provides home health services to New Brunswickers of all ages in their homes and/or communities.

EMP services are publicly funded and provided by the Regional Health Authorities.


People living within New Brunswick with a valid Medicare card (or in the process of receiving one) are eligible to receive Extra-Mural services, as long as health care needs can be met safely in the home.


The EMP has the mandate to provide and/or facilitate:
• An alternative to hospital admissions;
• An alternative to or postponement of nursing home admission;
• Early discharge from hospitals;
• Long-term care;
• Palliative care;
• Rehabilitation services; and
• The coordination of support services.

EMP professional service providers recognize that clients and their families have unique challenges and health care needs. The team responds to these needs and works with the client and their family to develop an individualized care plan to support health challenges.

The EMP interdisciplinary team provides health care services that range from health education, chronic disease self-care (e.g. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) to more complex medical needs like post-surgery, stroke recovery, medication management, dementia/ Alzheimer’s disease support, and end of life care.

The EMP team will also work with the client and their family to connect them with the community resources necessary to continue living at home, such as, assistive equipment (e.g. wheelchair, bath bench, etc.), long-term care and/or respite support.

The EMP Home Oxygen Program consists of acute oxygen services and long term oxygen services for seniors.

EMP Professional service providers include:
• Your Physician;
• Registered nurses (provided on a 24 hours a day 7 days a week basis)
• Licensed practice nurses;
• Respiratory therapists;
• Social workers;
• Registered dietitians;
• Occupational therapists;
• Physiotherapists;
• Speech-language pathologists; and
• Rehabilitation support personnel.

For more information regarding the EMP, please consult your local EMP office or your family doctor.

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