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    Provides assistance to households in need so that they may obtain affordable, adequate and suitable rental acommodation by subsidizing rents in eligible rental dwellings.


    To be eligible forassistance a household must first be in at least one of the following situations:

    - They occupy a crowded or inadequate dwelling and they currently pay less than 30% of their income for shelter, but basic shelter costs for an adequate and suitable dwelling available in their market would consume 30% or more of their income.

    - They pay 30% or more of their income for shelter and an adequate and suitable dwelling available in their market area would consume 30% or more of their income.

    - They have a need for special purpose accommodation.

    In addition, where the household does not have a special purpose housing need, the total household income must be at or below the Housing Income Limit which vary by household size and area of the province.


    Tenants qualifying for assistance through this program will have their rents reduced to 30% of the adjusted household income (for rent, heat, hot water, fridge & stove). Landlords will receive the difference between the rent paid by the tenant and the agreed upon market rent. To make this assistance available, this department and the owner sign an agreement, designating a number of housing units to be subsidized (agreements can be renewed). All units selected will comply with property standards acceptable to this department. Annually, during the tenure of the agreement market rents may be adjusted upward to reflect any increase in market rents for similar accommodations in the area. The department selects households in need to be occupants of the units. Other than for the payment of the supplement by this department the full normal relationship between landlord and tenant will exist between the owner and the eligible tenant(s).

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