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    Some subdivisions located outside of municipal boundaries are provided water and sewer services by the Province of New Brunswick. The water and wastewater systems for these subdivisions are owned and operated by this Department.


    All residents living in the communities listed the fees table below.


    Provision of water and sewer services, including maintenance and repair of system infrastructure.


    Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

    Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
    Ben Lomond (per year)120.002012-02-15
    Birchwood (per year)240.002012-02-15
    Fairmount (per year)210.002012-02-15
    Hibernia Heights (per year)130.002012-02-15
    McLeod (per year)250.002012-02-15
    Salmon Rock (per year)360.002012-02-15
    Spring Garden (per year)150.002012-02-15
    Crystal Springs (per year)570.002012-02-15
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