Government of New Brunswick


A Call to Artists for Expressions of Interest is issued by the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture for commission of artwork(s) for a New Brunswick public school. Professional New Brunswick artist(s) will design, create and permanently install artwork at a new school in Dieppe, NB. The total project budget is $20,000.


Professional artists who are currently resident in New Brunswick or who pay personal income taxes in New Brunswick are invited to apply.


The new elementary school at 1620 and 1630 Boulevard Dieppe, in Dieppe will serve over 1000 students, teachers and staff. The school has two wings, one for students in grades 3 - 5, and the other for students in grades 6 - 8, to be opened in September 2018.

The commissioned art work(s) should reflect the concepts of learning, community, and diversity; and should engage the school community
in ways that reflect the new school’s relation to the city, in particular the history, language and francophone culture of Acadie. This commission has a completion and installation deadline of March 31, 2019.

A meeting will be held in Dieppe for registered artists to view the school’s architectural plans (date and time TBC).

For questions about the facility, contact Sé (DTI/MTI)
All other questions, contact (THC/TPC)

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