Government of New Brunswick


A Canada / New Brunswick Growing Forward 2 initiative to:

to enhance the capacity of eligible applicants to better understand and manage their business both financially and technically;

to assist eligible applicants to evaluate their current business situation and to undertake formal planning and training to address their needs;

to enhance the ability of applicants to innovate, to identify potential savings and/or revenues, respond to change and maximize the use of comprehensive risk management options for their operations;

to enable eligible applicants to identify and prioritize their business goals and undertake the activities to acquire the management and technical skills required to meet those objectives;

to assist farm groups, producer organizations and individuals to conduct cost analysis as part of a benchmarking process to improve profit performance at the producer level; and

to assist farm groups and producer organizations to develop strategic plans that will enable them to deliver programming and services to their membership that will increase the viability and profitability of the Industry in New Brunswick.

Program funding is provided by the Department and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Program ends March 31, 2018.


Eligible applicants include agricultural organizations; commodity groups; agri-food businesses; agribusinesses working with primary products or adding value to those products and individual agricultural producers residing in the Province of New Brunswick.


Program Elements:

I. Business Management Self-Assessment and Action Plan

To encourage New Brunswick farmers to assess their current business management practices and skills, determine their priorities and goals, and to develop and implement farm Action Plans

II. Planning

Activities that assist eligible applicants undertake, develop, and implement formal plans or analysis for their operation, which may include financial, business, marketing, human resource management, diversification, value added or succession plans.

III. Individual Training

Assistance to individual applicants for strategic agriculture related training, technical skills development, marketing, human resource management and business development initiatives that support the strengthening of management and marketing practices and skills that enhance the viability and profitability of individual enterprises.

IV Benchmarking

Support for the development of cost of production analysis and benchmarking activities that enhance the viability and profitability of the industry and their individual producer operations.

V. Group Planning and Training

Assistance to groups of agriculture producers and agricultural producer associations to assist them with the development of strategic directions for their organization and to acquire the skills and training needed to operate a successful organization. Groups and associations are also eligible for assistance to champion training activities for their membership that support the strengthening of management and technical practices that enhance the viability and profitability of a sector and / or the New Brunswick agricultural industry as a whole.

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