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    Funding support to the New Brunswick Film, Television and New Media industry aims:

    a) To ensure the continuing development and production of quality products appealing to a variety of audiences;
    b) To increase the opportunity for New Brunswick residents working in the film, television and new media industry, for skills development, employment, creative expression and national and international marketing of their products;
    c) To contribute to the value of the New Brunswick economy;
    d) To increase the national and international visibility of New Brunswick.


    Film, television and new media production companies must be incorporated in New Brunswick, in order to be eligible to apply for funding. Companies must demonstrate that their primary purpose is the domestic or collaborative production of film, television and interactive new-media products and must meet eligibility criteria as outlined in the guidelines.


    In support of New Brunswick based production companies and, in an effort to encourage and facilitate training and hiring of New Brunswick human resources, the Province is providing funding of 25% to 30% of eligible expenditures incurred in New Brunswick, depending on the project genre and company eligibility. Total provincial contributions will not exceed 30% on any production.

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