Government of New Brunswick


This program provides financial assistance to assist the crop and livestock sectors to reduce the impact of pests and diseases on their sectors, to advance the overall health of crops and livestock and to create additional marketing advantages associated with crop and livestock health and quality improvements.


Organizations or groups representing New Brunswick agricultural commodities, academic institutions, or others capable of meeting the programs objectives.


A. Projects associated with developing health management programs for crop sectors (e.g. pest management, IPM, fertility) and for herds /flocks would be eligible. Examples of eligible activities would include but are not limited to technologies associated with improving monitoring and forecasting capabilities for crops and surveillance and eradication activities for livestock. Activities associated with improving crop and animal quality not related to pest and disease control would also be considered. Training activities associated with animal and crop health would also be eligible.

B. Projects targeting strategic plant and animal health and quality improvements that can lead to market opportunities and overall improvement in the health and quality of New Brunswick crops and livestock will also be considered.

C. Addressing on-farm animal health issues through participation in federal, provincial or commodity sponsored disease surveillance initiatives.