Government of New Brunswick


If you are having emotional difficulties because of the crime, or are experiencing anxiety, Victim Services may be able to make a referral to a registered therapist of your choice.


All victims of crime in New Brunswick who report the crime to the police may be eligible to receive trauma counselling. Additional short term counselling may be available to victims of violent crime.


A crime can leave you feeling traumatized, anxious and fearful, which can affect your ability to testify. Trauma counselling usually begins shortly after the crime and is available to assist you to be able to give evidence in court.

Victim Services may pay the therapist directly for the services provided to you.

For victims of violent crime, additional short-term counselling may be available as a benefit under the Compensation for Victims of Crime Program. The purpose of short term counselling is to help you deal with the emotional effects of being a victim of crime so you can move forward.