Government of New Brunswick


These services provide leadership and resources to the sport, recreation and physical activity community on a local and regional level. The goal is to foster a network of self-sufficient local and regional organizations, capable of providing sport, recreation, and physical activity opportunities.

For more of information, please consult the Regional Map under Related Links and contact the Regional Consultant in your region.


All sport, recreation and physical activity organizations with a local or regional mandate.

Please see Eligibility Guidelines in the Related Links section below.


These services help organizations design programs, plan events and projects, establish sound administrative policies and procedures for a non-profit organization and leverage support from other sources. Funding from various grant programs is also available to provide training clinics and workshops for volunteer leaders, initiate new and innovative programming and promote activities and events.

Program delivery and funding is offered through the following avenues:

• Schools;
• Communities; and
• Sports.

Support is offered to non-profit and/or public organizations to assist them in the attainment of their goals through the following areas:

• Organizations;
• Leadership; and
• Sports clubs and associations.

Regional Consultants can provide information or presentations related to:

• Administrative policies;
• Project planning ;
• Governance;
• Event planning;
• Incorporation;
• Benefits of sport, recreation, and physical activity; and
• Others as requested by your organization.

For more information, please refer to Regional Programs and Services in Related Links section.