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    This Program under the Canada/New Brunswick Agriculture Futures Initiative will provide strategic assistance to foster the development of the New Brunswick organic sector.


    • Established organic operations including: agricultural operations, maple operations and operations involved in organic value-added activities
    • Individuals and agri-businesses who are in transition to organic production
    • Individuals and agri-businesses who are considering establishing commercial-scale organic production and/or organic value-added activities


    The Capturing Organic Development Opportunities Program has five elements:
    1. Organic training and advisory assistance
    2. Soil improvement for organic production
    3. Support for on-farm infrastructure to help producers and operators meet the organic certification requirements, and/or minor infrastructure which will be of strategic value to the organic sector
    4. Support to NB organic producers and operators (including new entrants and transitional producers) for the partial reimbursement of certification costs and for the development of national policies
    5. Support for the NB organic sector in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives which will help increase sector capacity, enable the sector to capture emerging opportunities or address challenges faced by the sector

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