Government of New Brunswick


This program will provide strategic assistance to foster the development of the New Brunswick honey bee sector. Deadlines for application: Element A is July 31, 2017, Element B is November 3, 2017 and Element C is March 2, 2018.


• Applicant must be nineteen years of age or over;
• Applicant must carry out activities within the province of New Brunswick;
• Applicant must make colonies available for wild blueberry pollination within New Brunswick;
• Applicant must be registered as a New Brunswick beekeeper in 2017 (as per the requirements of the New Brunswick Apiary Inspection Act);
• Applicant must be a member in good standing of the New Brunswick Beekeepers Association.


The New Brunswick Honey Bee Expansion Program has three elements:
A. Expansion of honey bee blueberry pollination services
B. Purchase/construction of equipment:
 i. Purchase of beekeeping equipment
 ii. Modified hive management systems
 iii. On-farm construction of equipment
C. Purchase of Small Hive Beetle traps to be used for monitoring.

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