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    This Program under the Canada/New Brunswick Agriculture Futures Initiative will provide strategic assistance to foster the development of the New Brunswick honey bee sector.


    • NB beekeepers who are registered as a New Brunswick beekeeper (as per the requirements of the New Brunswick Apiary Inspection Act) in 2013.
    • All applicants must have 50 or more colonies and if they do not have at least 50 colonies they must submit an expansion plan indicating how they will reach commercial status.
    • All applicants must submit a plan that includes a summary of their production management practices including disease control and overwintering practices. Applicants with poor management practices (as deemed by the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries) will not be eligible for funding assistance.
    • Applicant must make colonies available for pollination within New Brunswick.


    The Honey Bee Expansion Program has two elements:

    Purchasing and/or splitting of honey bees
    - Purchase of colonies
    - Purchase of nuclei colonies
    - Purchase of bee packages
    - Splitting of existing colonies

    Purchase/construction of equipment
    - Purchase of beekeeping equipment
    - Purchase of frames and inserts and/or foundation
    - Modified hive management systems
    - On-farm construction of equipment

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