Government of New Brunswick


This program provides assistance to build and enhance New Brunswick domestic market channels to increase the sale and consumption of New Brunswick-produced agri-food products within the province.


• Individuals who are entering into or are established as an agricultural or agri-food enterprise in New Brunswick marketing New Brunswick agri-food products
• Established or establishing associations or organizations representing an agricultural commodity or agriculture marketing group marketing New Brunswick agri-food products
• Businesses that partner with the New Brunswick agri-food industry to promote the sale and consumption of New Brunswick agri-food products


This program will assist agri-food businesses to increase their capacity to: improve visibility, attract a wider range of clientele, increase promotional activity, and facilitate product development and associated market launch.

There are six elements:

- Road Signage
- Promotion
- Agri-tourism
- New Product Development/Market Launch
- Marketing Groups and Organizations-Establishment and Capacity Building
- New Brunswick Food Harvest Fundraising

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