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This program provides assistance to build and enhance New Brunswick domestic market channels in order to increase the sale and consumption of New Brunswick-produced agri-food*, fish and aquaculture products. This program will help agri-food businesses increase their capacity to: improve visibility, attract a wider range of clientele, increase promotional activity, and facilitate product development and the introduction of new products to market.


• Individuals and aboriginal groups who are entering into or are established as an agricultural or agri-food enterprise in New Brunswick marketing New Brunswick agri-food products;
• Farmers’ markets of which at least 20% of the vendors are New Brunswick growers or producers of agri-food products;
• Fish markets of which 80% of the products sold originate from New Brunswick fisheries or aquaculture industry;
• Fisheries that have specific focus on local product promotion and development
• Aquaculture and seafood producers;
• Established associations or organizations representing an agri-food commodity or agri-food marketing group marketing New Brunswick agri-food products, or one that is in the process of being incorporated;
• Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), municipalities or community organizations wishing to establish a partnership with the agri-food industry;
• Businesses that partner with the New Brunswick agri-food industry to promote the sale and consumption of New Brunswick agri-food products;
• Processors of New Brunswick agri-food products, on the condition that they provide proof of purchase of local products used in production;
• Producers of artisanal or craft alcohol made with New Brunswick agri-food products, on the condition that they hold a license to produce alcohol for commercial purposes.


The maximum allowable contribution per applicant is $15,000 per fiscal year for all elements combined. Higher levels of assistance will be considered for strategic projects where industry organizations work together for the overall benefit of New Brunswick’s agri-food sector.

Applications will not be accepted after February 1, 2018

No contribution will be made for expenses incurred prior to the date the application is approved.

Project approvals are based only on work completed during the current fiscal year.

Only off-farm services and labor will be considered as an eligible expense, unless otherwise approved.

There are six elements:

- Road Signage
- Promotion
- Agri-tourism
- New Product Development/Market Launch
- Marketing Groups and Organizations-Establishment and Capacity Building
- New Brunswick Food Harvest Fundraising

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