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    Each year this Department sets aside a portion of the provincial non-resident bear licence quota for exclusive use by qualifying outfitter and guide businesses.


    Applicants must meet definition of an outfitter that has been developed with respect to the issuing of allocated licences. This definition includes any individual, partnership, or corporation who provides the services of evaluated accommodations, professional guiding, food and beverage and expertise and knowledge of the wildlife and/or fish species being promoted for financial consideration.

    Two types of businesses are eligible to receive an allocation of non-resident black bear licences:
    (1) Outfitting businesses that operate a New Brunswick Approved accommodation.
    (2) Guides who hold a current New Brunswick Class I (Professional) Guide Licence and who have a formal written agreement with a New Brunswick Approved accommodation to host their non-resident black bear hunting clients.

    To qualify for an annual “allocation” of licenses, applicants must meet specific criteria as described by a system of rules and procedures revaluated every 3 years. Allocation holders who meet minimum licence purchase requirements are offered the same number of allocated non-resident bear licenses annually and, in some cases, may qualify for additional licenses depending on the level of licenses they have purchased.

    Under the current allocation system which covers the period Jan. 1 2012, to Dec. 31 2014, allocation holders must on an annual basis:

    - purchase at least 70% of their allocated licenses over the 3 year period to maintain their existing licence allocation levels.
    - have their business designated NB Approved (rated under either the Canada Select or NB Eligible Accommodations rating systems) by NB Grading Tourism Inc. Note: Guides who apply for an allocation of non-resident bear licenses must, on an annual basis, provide this department written confirmation that their clients are being hosted by an accommodation provider with a current NB Approved Designation.


    Applications will be assessed according to the availability of licenses in the Wildlife Management Zone (WMZ) for which the application was made. A map of Wildlife Management Zones is provided in Appendix A of the Rules and Procedures document listed below. This document also explains the procedures for the resale, trade, and transfer of allocated licences.

    New businesses may apply for up to a maximum of 6 licenses per zone and are eligible for additional licenses when need occurs during that year or in the future. Once an applicant has purchased allocated licenses for the first time they may request additional licenses as an existing allocation

    Applications for an allocation on non-resident bear licenses and requests for an increase or decrease of allocated licenses by existing allocation holders may be made by completing the appropriate forms listed below.

    Changes To Fees

    This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:
    2009 NR Fee changes.pdf


    Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

    Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
    Non-Resident Bear Licences - legislated fee + $20 conservation fee143.002011-02-09
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