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    The Department may guarantee loans to financial institutions for farmers purchasing and raising livestock.


    Both full-time and part-time farmers may apply.

    The business plan must show reasonable chances of viability and must demonstrate that a demand exists for the product(s);

    The applicant must have acceptable agricultural knowledge and business skills, and an acceptable credit history;

    The project must fit with the province’s sector strategies (in terms of impact on agricultural land, jobs, export sales, markets, etc.);

    Acceptable security must be provided for the proposed financing; and

    The applicant must invest at least 10% equity in the project.


    Provides guarantees to financial institutions for approved livestock purchases;

    Loans of up to: $75,000

    Guarantees up to 90% of loan, at lenders’ prime interest rate + 1%;

    The term of the guarantee will be up to 18 months for the purchase of feeder livestock and up to 7 years for the purchase of breeding livestock.

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