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    Hound hunting permits authorize individuals to hunt with hounds or train hounds for hunting.


    You need a permit if you want to hunt or to train hounds to hunt:

    Rabbit (varying hare)

    Restrictions may apply.

    If you are hunting rabbit, one of the following is required
    - Fur harvester’s licence
    - Resident small game licence
    - Resident deer licence

    You may only use a maximum of three hounds:
    - To hunt fox or bobcat.
    - To train hounds to hunt fox or bobcat.


    Hounds must be approved to hunt raccoon, fox and bobcat.

    Hunters are required to have a Fur Harvesters Licence.

    Special regulations apply to hunting raccoon at night.

    Hounds running at large can harm wildlife. As the owner, you can be prosecuted. Use a trained hound.

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