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    The Vital Statistics Branch registers marriages and provides marriage certificates of marriages that have occurred in the Province of New Brunswick.


    A person is eligible to apply if:
    • They are a party to the marriage
    • They have written authorization bearing the signature of one of the parties to the marriage
    • They are the legal representative of a party to the marriage and this party is incapable
    • The child or parent of either party if both parties to the marriage are deceased
    • The Minister of Social Development or his or her designate if the certificate is required in the discharge of his or her duties under the Family Services Act.


    The information required to obtain a marriage certificate is:
    name of parties at time of marriage, date of marriage, place of marriage, relationship to persons named on certificate, reason why certificate is required, daytime phone number and return address.

    The marriage certificate includes;

    name of the parties at the time of marriage
    date of marriage
    place of marriage
    registration date
    registration number
    date issued
    province or country of birth of each party.

    A photographic print of a marriage registration is available with the written consent of one of the parties to the marriage.

    Method of Payment: Cheque or money order payable to Service New Brunswick, Visa or MasterCard (expiry date and signature required).


    Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

    Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
    Long Form Marriage Certificate25.002012-02-28
    Photographic print of a marriage registration 25.002012-02-28
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