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    Provides shelter for up to 30 days, crisis intervention and referral services for women and their children who are victims of relationship violence and abuse.


    Any women, with or without children, who has been physically, emotionally, verbally, financially, psychologically or sexually abused.

    Women taking their children away from abuse.


    A transition house is a shelter for women, with or without children, who are victims of relationship violence and abuse.

    Staying at a transition house is confidential. Staff will not disclose your name to anyone calling or looking for you. Street addresses of the houses are not advertised.

    This Department provides a grant to transition houses each year. In addition to this grant, houses do fundraising to assist with additional costs not covered by the grant.

    Look in the telephone book, page 2, Abuse Information, for a list of all the transition houses in the province and their telephone numbers. There are 13 transition houses in NB, including one for aboriginal women, providing 170 beds.

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