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Fur Harvester Licence  
Fur Trader Licence  
Gasoline and Motive Fuel Purchaser's Permit 
Grape Industry Development Program  
Guide I Licence  
Guide II Licence (Licence to Accompany) 
Heavy Equipment Service Technician - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Hide Dealer Licence  
Honey Bee Expansion Program  
Hound Hunting Permit   
Infor Inc. (Christmas tree growers, maple producers, woodlot owners)    
Innovation and Bio-economy    
Integrated Pest Management (insects, diseases, weeds)   
Landscape-Horticulturist - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Licencing of Livestock Operation   
Licensing under the Seafood Processing Act
Livestock Development   
Livestock Genetic Enhancement Program  
Livestock Incentive Loan Program  
Loan Guarantees - Agriculture  
Marine Aquaculture Site Mapping (MASM)   
Marine Finfish Aquaculture Approval 
Market Development, Product Enhancement and Diversification Program  
Marshland Maintenance   
New Brunswick Agriculture Profitability Enhancement   
New Entrant Farmer Loan Program   
New Land Purchase Program   
Non-Resident Moose Licence Draw for Qualifying Outfitters and Guides 
Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Course 
Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Licence 
Outfitters / Guides - Non-Resident Bear Licence Allocation 
Perennial Crop Establishment Loan Program   
Pet Establishment Licence   
Pheasant Preserve Licence  
Plant Propagation Centre 
Provincial Fish Health Laboratory   
Regional Agri-Business Development    
Regional Land and Environment Services   
Registry of Agricultural Land   
Reporting Forest Damage (insect or disease)  
Scalers Licence 
Seizing Opportunities for Value-Added and Niche Production  
Site Suitability Assessment  
Support Program for Oyster Culture Operations  
Sustainable Aquaculture and Fish Health   
Taxes - Gasoline and Motive Fuel Tax   
Taxidermist Licence  
Veterinary Field Services 
Veterinary Laboratory Services 



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