I rise today to remind New Brunswickers that Emergency Preparedness Week takes place May 6 through 12.

This is a joint initiative with Public Safety Canada and other public safety departments throughout the country.

Here in New Brunswick, we have dealt with many hazards in recent years, from floods to hurricane weather.

And just over a month ago, the Perth-Andover region had severe ice jam flooding that devastated the community.

As their recovery continues, we once again thank all the people who are working to help residents get their lives back to normal.

We are also reminded of the importance of preparation. While there are some situations that can happen quickly, such as ice jam flooding, there are other hazards that we can prepare for before they occur.

I encourage residents to go online to www.getprepared.ca, and to download a copy of the 72-hour guide.

They can find important information on preparing an emergency kit and making a family emergency plan.

I’m proud to say that we continue to do our part. In fact, Public Safety’s NB Emergency Measures Organization has provided emergency management training to over 150 municipal employees in the past year.

This training helps our communities to be prepared and to manage events when they occur.

While hazards can’t always be avoided, we can help to lessen the impact by being as prepared as possible.

I encourage all members here today and all residents to do their part to prepare for emergencies.

As a government, we are focused on building the social and economic progress New Brunswickers expect, deserve, and need to 1) care for their families, 2) grow their communities, and 3) forge their future together.