News Releases - Government of New Brunswick News Releases - Government of New Brunswick Investment in newcomer youth program The YMCA of Greater Saint John, in partnership with the provincial government, today introduced the Newcomer Youth On-Ramp Program designed to help young immigrants better transition into the community. 2017121814:33:00 Economic development agreement with Fundy Regional Service Commission The Fundy Regional Service Commission has joined other commissions in signing a memorandum of understanding with the provincial government aimed at encouraging collaboration to help grow local and regional economies. 2017121812:46:00 Reach out to someone who may be alone during holidays The holiday season is a joyous time for many people, but it can be difficult for others, especially seniors. 2017121808:46:00 Details of federal funding for energy efficiency and climate action The province will receive nearly $51 million through the federal government’s Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund for programs aimed at helping people save money and energy, while supporting the province’s climate change objectives. 2017121515:22:00 Fire safety tips for the holidays The Office of the Fire Marshal has issued a series of fire safety tips to help New Brunswickers and their families enjoy a fire-safe holiday season. 2017121509:51:00 Agreement signed with federal government to improve health-care services New Brunswick is the first province to sign an agreement that increases federal funding for home and community care, as well as services for mental health and addictions. 2017121509:04:00 Deck the halls with a locally grown Christmas tree or wreath New Brunswickers are encouraged to spruce up their homes this holiday season by taking home a local, sustainably grown Christmas tree or wreath. 2017121508:56:00 Pet owners reminded to keep their pets under control With hunting and furbearer trapping season well underway throughout the fall and winter months in New Brunswick, the Department Energy and Resource Development is advising pet owners to take precautions to keep their pets from being accidentally injured or killed in a hunting or trapping accident. 2017121508:47:00 Illegal harvesting of deer and moose in Charlotte County Ten people were arrested after the seizure of more than 590 kilograms (1,300 pounds) of moose and deer meat, numerous firearms, illegal drugs, a vehicle and other hunting equipment in Charlotte County. 2017121411:45:00 Climate change legislation introduced The provincial government introduced legislation today that would adopt the federal government’s intensity targets for large industrial emitters, requiring them to be among the cleanest in the country or pay to offset their pollution. 2017121411:05:00 Premier met with prime minister to discuss New Brunswick economy and pilot project on healthy seniors Premier Brian Gallant met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa to discuss the New Brunswick economy and senior care in the province. 2017121409:50:00 Make buying local a holiday tradition New Brunswickers are encouraged to make buy-local a key part of their holiday celebrations this year. 2017121409:00:00 Coroner’s inquest scheduled Chief Coroner Gregory Forestell announced that an inquest into the death of Valdor Michaud has been scheduled for Dec. 20-22 at Carrefour Assomption, 121 de l’Église St., Suite 209, Edmundston. 2017121314:41:00 $28 million invested in wages for early childhood educators The provincial government announced today an investment of $28 million over four years to support wage increases for early childhood educators beginning in 2019-20. 2017121313:26:00 Canada 150 High School Legacy project recipients announced Funding grants totaling $500,000 have been awarded to eight high schools as part of the Canada 150 High School Legacy project. 2017121312:46:00 Amendments introduced to prohibit lobbying by members The provincial government introduced legislation today to strengthen conflict of interest rules governing members of the legislative assembly. 2017121311:37:00 50th anniversary of first elected female MLA The provincial government, in partnership with the New Brunswick Women’s Council and Women for 50%, hosted a reception today at the legislature to recognize and honour the 50th anniversary of the first elected female member of the legislative assembly, Brenda Robertson, and to encourage more women to participate in politics. 2017121310:30:00 NB Power seeks new fuel source for Belledune Generating Station NB Power plans to eliminate coal from its energy mix by 2030 by identifying a new, cleaner energy source to keep the Belledune Generating Station operational for decades to come. 2017121309:12:00 Meeting of finance ministers Finance Minister Cathy Rogers was among the federal, provincial and territorial finance ministers who met in Ottawa this week to discuss the economy and fiscal environment, as well as other matters of national importance, including a proposed taxation framework for cannabis. 2017121214:13:00 Solar panels installed on roof of Fredericton High School The provincial government has installed solar panels on the roof of Fredericton High School as an investment in energy efficiency. The 100 kilowatt pilot project is the largest solar installation in New Brunswick. 2017121211:00:00 Locations chosen for rollout of early learning centres The provincial government announced today that the first designated anglophone and francophone New Brunswick Early Learning Centres will be located in Saint John and the Greater Edmundston area, in March 2018. 2017121210:39:00 Premiers discuss shared opportunities at meeting of Council of Atlantic Premiers Premier Brian Gallant met with colleague premiers at the Council of Atlantic Premiers meeting in Halifax today. 2017121115:02:00 Release of report on inclusive transportation in New Brunswick The provincial government has received the report From Surfaces to Services: An inclusive and sustainable transportation strategy for the Province of New Brunswick 2017-2037, from a committee of the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation. 2017121114:21:00 Surplus property to be sold to Hanwell The provincial government and the Rural Community of Hanwell have reached an agreement for the transfer of surplus government property on Hanwell Road. 2017121113:43:00 Proposed new territorial limits for the City of Edmundston The provincial government will introduce amendments to legislation on Tuesday that would allow Edmundston to annex a property and establish new territorial limits for the city. 2017121113:29:00 2017121814:33:00