Government of New Brunswick

(Province wide)

On January 24, 2017 a significant winter storm reached the province resulting in substantial ice-build-up on transmission and power lines. The intense low-pressure system resulted in severe impacts that included widespread power outages that lasted for a number of days. The storm became the most extensive storm restoration effort in NB Power’s recent history, with nearly 200,000 customers losing power.

The Disaster Financial Assistance program helps people and municipalities get back on their feet after a disaster. This program provides assistance for eligible damages and losses that threaten the health and safety of individuals and municipalities.

Residents are encouraged to apply for Disaster Financial Assistance despite the deductible of this program. Applications will be evaluated on a case by case basis and the deductible for the Disaster Financial Assistance program will be waived for people who demonstrate financial challenges. This applies to this program only, and does not come into play for insurance claims.