POINTE-DU-CHÊNE (GNB) – The Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health has issued the following advisory:

On Saturday, May 27, a significant rainfall of 32.5 mm was recorded at Parlee Beach Provincial Park.

As per established protocol, a no-swimming advisory should have been issued for that day due to a recorded rainfall event exceeding 10 mm within a 24-hour period. However, such an advisory was not issued on that day.

A review of the standard operating procedure that led to this error has been conducted and new measures have been introduced to ensure that it will not happen again. The Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health regrets the error and asks for the public’s patience as the new protocol is refined.

Because of safety concerns, no samples were taken at Parlee Beach on May 27 due to inclement weather conditions. However, the public is advised that water samples were taken immediately before and for several days after May 27 and were all within guideline values for water to be open and suitable for swimming.

Water quality advisories are available at all times on-site at Parlee Beach, or online. Monitoring results may also be obtained by visiting the Beach Information website.