FREDERICTON (GNB) – The New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization advises residents in the Perth-Andover area to remain on alert this weekend as the water level is coming close to flood stage in their region.

A recent ice jam at Saint-Léonard started moving downriver this afternoon and has reached the Perth-Andover area. River Watch officials are closely monitoring the situation and are in constant communication with municipal authorities.

Environment and Climate Change Canada is forecasting more rain on Sunday and Monday: about 25 mm in the northern region and 10 mm to 20 mm in the southern part of the St. John region basin. Next week should have cooler temperatures which should limit the melting of ice and snow in the upper St. John River basin.

Residents can report ice jams and localized flooding at any time by calling 1-800-561-4034.

The River Watch program is in effect to provide New Brunswickers with information on the status of rivers, potential risks of ice jams, and other flood issues across the province over the coming weeks.

Updates on information related to the potential for flooding or ice jams, including 24/7 emergency updates, is available online.