FREDERICTON (GNB) – The following water level bulletin was issued today by River Watch 2012 and the Department of Public Safety's New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization:

Water levels continue to decrease throughout the entire river system, and this will continue as no major precipitation is expected during the next several days.

In Perth-Andover, water levels have receded and cleanup continues. Health and safety inspection teams have finished assessing damages in the majority of properties. Adjusters are meeting with homeowners to assess their losses, are looking at the most severely damaged properties first.

A recovery program is in place for affected residents, and a recovery office is open at the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure building, 103F Tribe Rd., Perth-Andover.

The Red Cross has a reception centre at the River Valley Civic Centre, where residents can come to have meals, have needs assessments completed, and gather information on the recovery process.

Perth-Andover Middle School is now open for regular classes. Andover Elementary School remains closed today but is expected to open this week. Southern Victoria High School remains closed until further notice.

Given that water levels are well below flood level throughout the basin, River Watch will continue to monitor weather and levels, and bulletins will be issued only as required in the coming days.

Information about flood preparation and preparing an emergency kit is online. Prepare now to help your family be safe.


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