SHIPPAGAN (GNB) – Deputy premier Stephen Horsman hosted a New Brunswick Family Plan summit in Shippagan on the importance of promoting wellness.

“Wellness affects all of us in our daily lives, and it is extremely important to our physical and mental health,’’ said Horsman. “The wellness movement has spread to communities of all sizes in New Brunswick, and your government continues to be a champion of it.”

Wednesday’s event was one of seven summits being held as part of the recently launched New Brunswick Family Plan framework document. The Family Plan is meant to complement the government’s Economic Growth Plan and 10-year education plans.

The first summit on fostering healthy aging and support for seniors was held in Florenceville-Bristol on Feb. 20. Since then, summits have been held on the topics of reducing poverty, improving access to primary and acute care, and supporting people with mental health challenges.

A summit on advancing women’s equality will take place in Fredericton on Friday, and the final summit, on supporting people with disabilities, will be held March 13 in St. Stephen.

“We have to work together to ensure individuals, groups, schools, workplaces and communities, both large and small, support wellness. It is something we all need to think about and incorporate into our lives on a daily basis,’’ said Horsman.

Topics of discussion at Wednesday’s summit included what is working in wellness; how supportive environments can improve wellness; what organizations are doing to promote and support wellness activities; and how to measure success.