FREDERICTON (GNB) – An annual survey shows that high numbers of recent graduates from New Brunswick's community colleges are working in the province and in their field of study.

“The province’s community colleges are key partners in developing a skilled workforce in New Brunswick,” said Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Francine Landry. “Our government is committed to creating jobs and this survey provides an important tool to see where we can align training opportunities with labour market needs.”

In 2014, 86 per cent of employed New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) graduates who responded to the survey were working in New Brunswick, as were 90 per cent of employed graduates who responded from the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB).

The level of employment related to their training in the reference week increased by four percentage points for NBCC and remained stable for CCNB at 84 per cent and 82 per cent, respectively.

“NBCC continues to contribute to social and economic prosperity in New Brunswick through applied learning,” said Marilyn Luscombe, president and CEO of NBCC. “Next week, NBCC will celebrate the success of more than 2,000‎ new graduates. This report further reaffirms our quality and relevant programs are preparing our graduates for job opportunities here in the province.”

The survey has been conducted since 1983 and this year was completed by the independent research company MQO Research.

“The CCNB contributes to training a skilled workforce in order to meet the needs of New Brunswick companies,” said Liane Roy, president and CEO of CCNB. “We ensure that the programs offered at the college are constantly being adjusted to meet the workforce needs, while fostering partnerships with the industry and focusing on the skills sought by employers. We are proud to help the youth in our province to find a job, at home, in their area of training.”

This is the first year since the survey was conducted that a separate report is available for the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. For graduates from this college who responded to the survey, the employment rate was 83 per cent. However, 89 per cent reported being employed at some point since graduation. In addition, 38 per cent of these graduates reported contributing to the arts through exhibits, or participating in other shows or events since graduation.