FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government introduced amendments to the Smoke-Free Places Act today in keeping with its commitment to ban smoking in public places frequented by children.

“Helping families is one of our government’s priorities,” said Health Minister Victor Boudreau. “By restricting smoking in certain public places we are limiting the public’s exposure to second-hand smoke and helping New Brunswickers live longer, healthier lives.”

Boudreau introduced amendments that will allow the government to implement several measures effective July 1. Smoking will not be permitted:

  • on patios and all similar outdoor facilities where food and alcohol is served and within three metres of the patio’s boundary;
  • within nine metres of doorways, windows and air intakes of enclosed public places and indoor workplaces;
  • on or within 20 metres of children’s equipment and sports areas located in an outdoor public place;
  • on or within nine metres of a public walking or jogging trail in an outdoor public place; and
  • within the boundaries of provincial parks except within the boundaries of rented campsites, golf courses and designated areas within the park.

“Expanding the smoking ban to include outdoor patios and public places frequented by children is a logical progression which will benefit the lives of all New Brunswickers,” said Boudreau. “It will also further de-normalize tobacco use and reduce the amount of time children are exposed to smoking as a socially-acceptable activity.

The proposed amendments will also ban the use of e-cigarettes and water pipes anywhere that traditional smoking is not presently allowed as well as provide inspectors additional powers to enforce the act and regulations.

“Amending the Smoke-Free Places Act to include many outdoor areas is a big step for New Brunswick,” said Dr. Cristin Muecke, Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health. “It shows leadership and courage to move us forward in reducing tobacco use and exposures; and ultimately in helping to reduce many chronic diseases and preventable deaths.”

The proposed amendments will also be incorporated into the government’s commitment to develop a comprehensive strategy for a smoke-free New Brunswick.