FREDERICTON (GNB) – The members of the 12 regional service commission interim boards were announced today.

"As we committed when we launched our Action Plan for a New Local Governance System in New Brunswick, we are creating 12 regional service commissions, governed by boards of directors made up of mayors and local service district representatives in each region," said Environment and Local Government Minister Bruce Fitch. "These commissions will ensure transparency and accountability in carrying out their work."

The updated regional service commission map, outlining the 12 regions, has been posted online following a public review of the proposed boundaries.

In setting up the commissions, interim boards of directors will be tasked with the adoption of their first budgets. The same board composition will continue when the commissions come into effect on Jan. 1, 2013.

"I appreciate the input that was received from New Brunswickers throughout the province on the new boundaries,” said Fitch. “The process started in February and a final map is now available. I thank the board members for their work in transitioning to the new commissions; their hard work in advance of Jan. 1 will ensure the new commissions will be up and running smoothly. The commissions will better enable communities across New Brunswick to work together and share services to meet their common needs."

The creation of the commissions is one of the five objectives contained in the Action Plan for a New Local Governance System in New Brunswick.

Following is a list of the interim boards of directors for each regional service commission:

Region 1
Ginette Beaulieu Moreau
Francine Caron
Gérard Cyr
Alain Desjardins
Roland Dubé
Richard Keeley
Louis Labrie
Michel Leblond
Roger Levesque
Rodrigue Levesque
Daniel Levesque
Alain Martel
Pierre Michaud
Alpha Nadeau
Cyril Rioux
Cyril Simard
Carmel St-Amand
Luc St-Jarre

Region 2

Charles Bernard
Jason Carter
Peter Delaney
Barry Firlotte
Allan D. Good
Randy Hunter
Bruce MacIntosh
Jean-Paul Savoie
Denis Savoie
Michel Soucy
Marc Thibeault
Clem Tremblay

Region 3
Sydney Sealy
Gilberte Boudreau
Ron Bourque
Stephen Brunet
Charles Comeau
Luc Desjardins
Donald Gauvin
Daniel Guitard
Paul Losier
Normand Plourde

Region 4
Eugène Basque
Mathieu Chayer
Jacques Chiasson
Agnès Doiron
Henri-Pierre Duguay
Yvon Godin
Jason Godin
André Gozzo
Denise Guignard
Kevin J. Haché
Yves Létourneau
Aldéoda Losier
Vernon Losier
Tilmon Mallet
Weldon Mclaughlin
Réginald Paulin
Linus Robichaud
Nadine Robichaud
Odette Robichaud
Alyre Ross
Wilfred Roussel
Oscar Roussel
Georges Rhéal Savoie
Johnny Stewart

Region 5
Elizabeth Bowes
Gerry Cormier
Beverly Gaston
John Goodfellow
Robert Hallihan
Hal Muck
Douglas Munn
Gerald Ross

Region 6

Eric Arsenault
Tina Beers
Docile Cormier
Roger Després
Roger Doiron
Danielle Dugas
David Hanson
Marc Henri
Roseline Maillet
Allan D. Marsh
Germaine Montague
Roger Richard
Pierrette Robichaud
Henri E. Saulnier
Aldéo Saulnier
Elie Thébeau

Region 7
Patrick Armstrong
Jerome Bear
Robert Berry
Ronald Boudreau
Gerry Chapman
Debbie Dodier
C. Dale Elliott
Patrick Fusk
Jerry Gogan
Terry Keating
Yvon LaPierre
Donald LeBlanc
Jacques LeBlanc
George LeBlanc
Maryse LeBlanc
Judy Scott
Ann Seamans
Kirstin Shortt
C.F. (Chuck) Steeves

Region 8
Juliana Booth
Karin Boye
Ken Chorley
Bryant Dunfield
Steven Gillies
Frank Jopp
Lloyd Marshall
James McCrea
Tammie Spraggett
Marc Thorne

Region 9

Bill Bishop
Bette Ann Chatterton
Murray Driscoll
Grace Losier
Mel Norton
Brenda Rathburn
David Rogers
Joan Seeley
Sandra Speight

Region 10
Carla Brown
Frank Carroll
Stan Choptiany
Nick Cleghorn
Garry Christie
Patricia Dodd
Daniel Dow
Susan Farquharson
K. Vern Faulkner
Winston Gamblin
Dennis Greene
Daniel Henry
Terry James
Frank McCallum
John Quartermain
Stephen Smart
Darrell Weare

Region 11
Robin Anderson
Eric Barnett
Michael Blaney
Susan Cassidy
Mike Chamberlain
Nancy Cronkhite
Blair Cummings
Gerard Daly
Edward Ferris
Beverly Forbes
Mark Foreman
Gary Mersereau
Mary Mesheau
Peter Morrison
Dale Mowry
Robert Powell
Daryl Prince
Judy Wilson-Shee
Brad Woodside

Region 12

Paul Bradley
Ron Brown
Karl Curtis
Marven Demmings
Elaine English
Alexis Fenner
Lance Graham
Murray Grant
Brian Hayden
Jim Kennedy
Tyler Langdon
Stephen Manuel
J. Craig Melanson
Cathy Michaud
Brent Pearson
Terrence Ritchie
Arthur Slipp
Troy Stone
Gary Thomas
Leigh Williams


●    Department of Environment and Local Government
●    Action Plan for a New Local Governance System in New Brunswick