New Brunswick vaccine supply being carefully monitored

NB 0995

Oct. 27, 2012
FREDERICTON (GNB) - New Brunswick public health officials are carefully monitoring vaccine supplies in the province, Chief Medical Officer of Health Eilish Cleary advised today.

Most of the influenza vaccine distributed in New Brunswick to date is not the Novartis product, Agriflu. Health Canada has issued a recommendation that Agriflu not be used pending a review of the discovery of clumping of particles in the vaccine in Europe.

Cleary said that while some Agriflu was administered in New Brunswick, she has not received reports of clumping of particles or any adverse health problems associated with the vaccine.

New Brunswick's influenza clinics will continue, using another vaccine, Fluviral, while the Health Canada review is carried out.

"People who have had the influenza vaccine should not be unduly concerned. We are taking a precautionary measure while this review is underway," Cleary said. "Influenza vaccine is an effective way to protect yourself and vulnerable loved ones from the influenza virus."

The Public Health Agency of Canada has received no reports of unexpected adverse events related to the Agriflu vaccine and has seen particles in other vaccines with no observed impact on their safety or effectiveness.
Approximately 50,000 doses of Agriflu have been distributed throughout the province.
The long term impact on the vaccine supply is unknown at this time.
More information is also available on the Health Canada web site.