BEIJING, China (GNB) – The provincial government has extended a contract to provide New Brunswick curriculum and educational expertise to the Canadian International School in Beijing and other AKD Schools in China.

“Today we are strengthening our educational ties with China while generating revenue that will be reinvested to help rebuild New Brunswick and create jobs,” said Premier David Alward. “The agreement signed today is worth an estimated $40 million in direct funds for our province.”

The partnership between the provincial government, through Atlantic Education International Inc. and AKD Inc. in China, focuses on providing several schools in China with New Brunswick curriculum, training opportunities for educators, quality assurance and assessment processes, all of which generate revenue to be reinvested in New Brunswick.

The agreement signed by Alward and Francis Pang is for 10 years with automatic renewal for an additional 10 years. The new contract has built-in escalators, such as adjustments due to inflation, for New Brunswick products including curriculum, and other fees which would be paid to the province by AKD Inc. annually.

Under the new agreement, the province will receive $355 for each student taught the New Brunswick curriculum in China. With more than 3,000 students this will generate about $1.06 million for Atlantic Education International.

In 1997, New Brunswick was the first jurisdiction in the world to offer an international / Chinese education partnership in that country. The China Partnership includes four types of schools:

●    private international schools;
●    private high school Concord Colleges for Chinese students;
●    private international / Chinese early learning centres; and
●    culturalization / partial curriculum in public primary and middle level Chinese schools.

Alward signed the agreement during a provincial economic development trade mission to China as part of the Council of the Federation. He is leading a delegation of 13 New Brunswick companies to Shijiazhuang, Beijing and Shanghai that concludes Sept. 19.

The following companies are participating in the economic development trade mission:

●    Industrial Rubber (Bathurst)
●    Wood Science and Technology Centre (Fredericton)
●    Prima Innovations Inc. (Edmundston)
●    C-Therm Technologies (Fredericton)
●    Remsoft (Fredericton)
●    Groupe Savoie (Saint-Quentin)
●    Canadian Syrup Inc. (Elgin)
●    Corruven Canada (Kedgwick)
●    S.K. Export Inc. (Saint-Quentin)
●    Design Right Canada (Saint John)
●    Riverbend Log Homes (Nackawic)
●    Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada (Minto)
●    Xplornet Communications (Woodstock)