FREDERICTON (GNB) – Ministers from the Atlantic provinces responsible for adult literacy have launched a series of posters highlighting literacy champions in this region.

The posters are also being launched to underline the ministers’ commitment to adult literacy; to commemorate International Literacy Day; and to recognize the importance of strong literacy skills to individuals, communities, economies and societies.

The announcement was made by Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Martine Coulombe and her counterparts in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

The posters highlight literacy learners and business owners who have supported learning at work in the I did it. You can too! and the We did it. You can too! awareness campaign. Learners share their stories to encourage others to develop literacy skills, while employers stress the benefits of creating a supportive learning environment for employees. The posters are on the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training website.

The ministers welcomed the opportunity to showcase the many learners who have taken the steps and made the commitment needed to improve their skills and contribute to their community.

The ministers said they were grateful for the many businesses in Atlantic Canada that are making significant investments in their employees to upgrade their skills.

The launch of this campaign supports the activities to promote literacy outlined in the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training Action Plan: Key to Learning and Path to Prosperity. Strong literacy skills have been proven to have a profound impact on people’s lives:

●    parents are able to read to their children and help with homework;
●    patients can read and comprehend prescription labels;
●    workers are able to adapt to change in the workplace because they have skills to read manuals, including health and safety materials;
●    employees benefit from longer and better employment; and
●    families are able to obtain benefits because they can understand the information given to them about such programs.

The Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training, an agency of the Council of Atlantic Premiers, was formed to improve co-operation in public and post-secondary education in Atlantic Canada by improving learning, optimizing efficiencies and bringing added value to provincial initiatives.