FREDERICTON (GNB) – Regional Health Authority boards are recommending amendments to regulations under the Regional Health Authorities Act to allow physician privileges to be granted and renewed on a two-year cycle. The proposal follows consultations with medical staff and, if accepted, would replace the current cycle of annual renewal.
The proposed new cycle would standardize renewal procedures across medical facilities and lower the administrative burden associated with more frequent renewals. It is also in keeping with most other Canadian jurisdictions.

Amended regulations would require that renewal procedures be conducted in accordance with the bylaws of the health authorities, and also that the authorities inform each other when privileges are withdrawn or significantly reduced for reasons of incompetency, negligence or misconduct.

As part of the provincial government's commitment to transparency, the draft regulations are available online and will remain so for 30 days.

Comments on the draft regulations should be directed to The feedback received will help determine if any changes are required before the recommended regulations are enacted.