SAINT JOHN (GNB) – A contractor has been identified to resume and complete work on the Saint John Harbour Bridge and One Mile House Interchange in Saint John.

Horseshoe Hill Construction Inc. of Bolton, Ont., is the completion contractor selected and will start work on both projects as early as this week. Work on both projects had stopped in April when the original contractor was forced in receivership after completing about 70 per cent of the work.

"We are pleased the work can restart during this construction season," said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams. "The subcontractors and contractor should be able to get the project back up to speed. There is a set time frame to finish the work with penalties in place should the work run past the completion dates. The department will be managing the completion contractor closely to ensure the work is done under the new schedule."
Under the new agreement, both projects are expected to be completed by the fall of 2013. As work resumes, the eastbound lanes of the Harbour Bridge will close, as originally planned.

"The completion contractor will work diligently to finish both projects," Williams said. "The company will continue to be paid on a monthly basis as in the past in accordance with the original contract. Additional costs incurred will be covered by the performance bond as well as the labour and material payment bond we have in place to protect the province's interests."
The total value of both construction projects is about $110 million.
Williams confirmed that local companies had secured contracts to take part in completing the work, while others would be involved as suppliers.

"We are happy to see that New Brunswick content is present in completing these two important projects," he said.