FREDERICTON (GNB) – Spring weight restrictions will be removed from main arterial highways at midnight on April 29 in southern New Brunswick, and at midnight on May 6 in northern New Brunswick.

“These restrictions are being lifted two weeks earlier than anticipated,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams. “Remaining secondary highways in the province will open by midnight May 13, throughout New Brunswick.”

Weight restrictions for trucks are imposed each year to protect highway infrastructure from damage during the spring thaw. Traditionally, these restrictions are removed in mid-May.
District engineers may close roads to trucks or impose weight restrictions on highways, or portions of highways, at any time to protect them.

A list of the main arterial highways, from which restrictions are being lifted, may be found in Section 3 of the list of 2012 Spring Weight Restrictions posted on the department's website. Details of highways which will continue to be restricted at 90 per cent or 80 per cent may also be found online in Sections 4 and 5. These documents may also be viewed at all New Brunswick stationary weigh stations.


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