FREDERICTON (GNB) – Free well-water bacterial testing will be conducted for private well owners in the Perth-Andover area who were impacted by the flood of March 23.

Residents may pick up their sampling kits on either April 18 or April 25 at the Service New Brunswick temporary location at Marty’s Electric, 832 Main St., Perth-Andover.

Residents are asked to pick up their kits in the morning, and return a sample by noon the same day. Details and procedures are included in the kits. Once samples are returned, they will be sent to the provincial laboratory in Fredericton for testing.

If analysis does not show the presence of bacteria, the Department of Environment and Local Government will notify well owners. If any harmful contamination is detected, the Department of Health will be contacted and will notify well owners of the results.

To be safe and avoid health risks, private water supplies affected by flooding should not be used until they have been disinfected and tested. Until tests indicate a safe water supply, water for drinking and personal use should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute, then stored in clean containers.

In addition, private well owners who suspect any other type of contamination (for example, furnace oil, gasoline or agriculture chemicals) should contact their regional Department of Environment and Local Government offices for follow-up.


●    How to chlorinate your well water: