FREDERICTON (GNB) – The number of public servants in New Brunswick declined by more than 600 in 2011 compared to the previous year, according to a report tabled today in the legislative assembly.

“As our government continues to make progress in right-sizing the public service, departments have been looking at ways to achieve efficiencies, including a close examination of positions when they become vacant,” said Finance Minister Blaine Higgs, who is also chair of the board of management and minister of human resources.

Higgs tabled the provincial government's Government of New Brunswick Workforce Profile 2011 which provides statistical information about key characteristics of the workforce, as of the final day of each year.

The document details the number of part-time, full-time, permanent and temporary employees in the public service; a map with a breakdown of where public servants are located across the province; and detail on the age of employees.

“This report shows the aging demographics in the public service which allows us the opportunity to take advantage of retirements to achieve savings and get back to balanced budgets,” said Higgs.

Provincial government employees work in three parts of the public service. Part I includes the departments, which are often referred to as the civil service. Part II is comprised of the school system including teachers, bus drivers, and school district employees. Part III encompasses all health sector employees. The number of employees has declined in all three parts of the public service.

“By replacing only those positions which are critical to the delivery of core government services, we will be able to save more than $86 million by 2014-15,” said Higgs.

More information about the workforce profile is available online.


●    Office of Human Resources: workplace profile