FREDERICTON (CNB) – The provincial government is partnering with environmental groups in southwestern New Brunswick by contributing more than $750,000 from the Environmental Trust Fund to 41 projects.

Environment Minister Margaret-Ann Blaney announced today.

"Each year, the Environmental Trust Fund provides support to community-based initiatives," said Blaney. "I am pleased that it could provide support to these important environmental projects taking place in southwestern New Brunswick which serve to protect and promote our air, land and water resources."

The Department of Environment announced in April that about $4 million from the fund would be invested in 190 environmental projects in 2011-12 fiscal year.

Revenue for the fund comes from about half of the environmental fee paid on redeemable beverage containers in New Brunswick.

Southwestern projects supported by Environmental Trust Fund

●    Town of St. Andrews, Using Joint Fact Finding and Collaborative Management to Ensure a Healthy and Sustainable Water Supply, $35,000;
●    Town of St. Stephen, Environmental Risk Assessment, $10,000;
●    South West Solid Waste Commission, Public Outreach, $7,500;
●    St. Croix International Waterway Commission, Implementing Water Classification in the St. Croix Watershed, $10,000; St. Croix Management in Today's Economic and Political Environment, $3,800; Using Impervious Surface Maps for Development Planning, $15,000;
●    Eastern Charlotte Waterways, A Comparison of Phytoplankton Communities and Water Quality in Five Southwestern N.B. Lakes, $20,000; Increasing Capacity for Stewardship and Community-based Monitoring to Protect Provincial Water Resources, $25,000;
●    Village of Blacks Harbour, Environmental Risk Assessment, $10,000;
●    Town of St. George, Environmental Risk Assessment, $10,000;
●    Quoddy Futures, Improving Biodiversity and Mitigating Climate Change Impacts Through Citizen Action, $10,000; Youth Engagement in Environmental Science (YEES!!!); $25,000; Development and Piloting of Educational Field Trip Programs for Elementary Students Focused on Weather; Impacts/Adaptations to Climate Change and Habitat; It's Elements and Challenges, $9,000;
●    Town of Grand Bay-Westfield, Residential Water Conservation Campaign, $5,000;
●    ACAP Saint John, The 2011 Green Network, $21,000; Environmental Interactions, $10,000; Urban Watershed Management 2011-2012, $20,000;
●    Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission, Compost: The Natural Recycling Program, $17,000; Two Bags or Less Campaign, $20,000;
●    Hammond River Angling Association, Culvert Assessment/Inventory, $20,000; Biodiversity and Benthics: Developing Freshwater Invertebrate and Habitat Education Modules for Public Schools, $15,000;
●    Belleisle Home and School Association, Household Battery Recycling Program, $2,000;
●    Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee, Increasing Environmental Dialogue and Awareness Amongst Riparian Landowners, $15,000; Water Classification Monitoring: Water Sampling and Tributary Habitat Assessments, $30,000;
●    Kings County Region Solid Waste Commission, Community "Green It Up" Campaign, $55,000;
●    New Brunswick Environmental Network, Supporting Community Environmental Involvement, $50,000; Environmental Outreach, Education and Engagement for New Brunswick Citizens, $30,000;
●    Fundy Model Forest, Capacity Building in Watershed Organizations, $2,000;
●    N.B. Salmon Council, Fish Friends Incubation Unit Replacement, $7,500;
●    KV Fields, KV Fields Project, $10,000;
●    Town of Rothesay, Rothesay Curbside Recycling, $50,000 ; Environmental Risk Assessment, $30,000;
●    KV Old Boys, Encouraging Valley Residents and Businesses to Divert Redeemable Containers from Landfil, $10,000;
●    New Brunswick Museum, Assessment of the Diversity and Status of New Brunswick Lichens, $25,000 ; Bioblitz : Initiating a Long-term Biological Inventory and Monitoring Program for N.B.'s Protected Natural Areas, $20,000;
●    Stonehammer Geopark, Interpretive Signage, $30,000;
●    The ONE (Old North End) Change, ONE Change Neighbourhood Sustainability Plan, $14,000;
●    Fundy Trail Development Authority, Fuller Falls Visitor Enhancement Project, $5,000;
●    Little River Reservoir Association, Little River Reservoir, $5,000; and
●    Fundy Biosphere Reserve, Fundy Biosphere Explorer Education Program, $9,000 ; Climate Change Indicators and Modeling for the Region of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve, $40,000.