FREDERICTON (CNB) – Transfield Dexter Gateway Services Ltd. will be responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of Route 1 beginning today, June 1, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams announced today.

The company will be responsible for the 240 kilometres of highway between St. Stephen and River Glade until 2040.

"The Route 1 Gateway Project is a critical piece of our transportation infrastructure as it will help reduce injuries and improve traffic flow and access to markets," Williams said. "This four-lane highway connection will support long-term economic growth in our province and throughout Atlantic Canada."

"The construction stimulus of this project has and continues to present new employment opportunities in New Brunswick,” he said.

The provincial government is funding the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation through a public private partnership. The project is being managed through the new office of Partnership New Brunswick. The payment will be about $19.8 million annually.

The company has more than 40 years experience in highway operations and maintenance. It will maintain storage depots and offices in Waweig, Musquash, Hampton and Springdale.