FREDERICTON (CNB) – Engineers will be in schools across the province next week as part of the structural review that began last fall, Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Jody Carr announced today.

The review was announced last October after two schools were closed and students and staff relocated for the remainder of the school year. Work began immediately with the creation of a project team which was responsible for finalizing the project scope, a standardized review approach and reporting formats.

"We have some of the oldest schools in the country with an average age of more than 40 years," said Carr. "The experiences of last fall have highlighted the importance of developing a better way of strategically planning and managing the maintenance and repair of our aging schools. The information gathered in this review will assist us in managing these important assets."

Forty schools will be included in the first round of reviews which begin Feb. 7. Over the next few weeks, the teams will visit and assess their assigned schools. They will re-assemble to compare notes before beginning the second round of school inspections.

"The Department of Supply and Services has been involved in the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the schools that are about to be inspected,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams. “While we do not anticipate that the structural review will uncover any major issues, staff are working closely with the consulting engineers to ensure that a proper assessment takes place for all schools on the list.”

Further information about the review process will be posted on the Department of Education and Childhood Development website.


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