MONCTON (CNB) – The terms of reference for a working group to develop a contingency plan for Moncton High School have been established in case students are not able to return to the school next September.

Karen Branscombe, superintendent of School District 2, announced the terms of reference of the Moncton High School contingency collaborative working group today.

"The district's Number One priority is to ensure that the students of Moncton High School and the other impacted schools enjoy a safe, healthy and positive learning environment," said Branscombe. "It is important to be as proactive as possible to ensure as little continued disruption as possible in the lives of those affected by the difficult decision to relocate students in the Moncton area."

Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Jody Carr announced last month that a working group would be created in response to parents’ concerns caused by the relocation of students from the school.
The working group will collaborate with stakeholders and affected schools, including all parent school support committees, and listen to the ideas, concerns and solutions of interested groups and individuals in the community.

A contingency plan recommendation will be made to the District 2 Education Council and Branscombe. It will be forwarded to Carr by Feb. 15, 2011, in the event that Moncton High School students will not be able to return to their school. The working group will be responsible to report back to each of the organizations and schools it represents.

The working group will hold its first meeting in the next two weeks. The names of the members will be announced next week. There will be 12 members:

●    one parent school support committee member from Moncton High School;
●    one parent school support committee member representing Northrop Frye School, Magnetic Hill School and Evergreen Park School;
●    one parent school support committee member representing Edith Cavell School and Queen Elizabeth School;
●    one parent school support committee member representing Shediac Cape School and Lewisville Middle School;
●    one parent school support committee member representing Lou MacNarin School and Sunny Brae Middle School;
●    one additional parent from Moncton High School;
●    one District 2 Education Council member;
●    one District 2 Education Council student council representative;
●    one Moncton High School teacher representing the New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation;
●    one administrator representing the schools involved;
●    one Moncton High School student; and
●    one School District 2 community schools co-ordinator representing the superintendent (group chair and spokesperson).

"I thank all parents, students, teachers, school personnel, district officials, District 2 Education Council members and the community for their continued patience, efforts and dedication in working together to resolve the challenges before us," said Carr. "I look forward to receiving the recommendations of the working group."

The terms of reference were developed in collaboration between School District 2 and the Department of Education. They are available on the department’s website.


●    Department of Education:
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