Government of New Brunswick - Latest News Government of New Brunswick - Latest News Close of nominations for municipal byelections Byelections will take place in eight municipalities on May 14 following the close of nominations today. 2018042015:52:00 Increase in funding for foster families Rates paid to foster caregivers increased by 10 per cent as of April 1, Families and Children Minister Stephen Horsman announced today. 2018042014:57:00 Release of the final report and recommendations on water quality at Parlee Beach The provincial government released the steering committee’s final report and recommendations on Parlee Beach water quality today. The report indicates that throughout the 2017 season, the water quality was very good 95 per cent of the time and for about 99 per cent of the 1,452 samples taken and analyzed. 2018042014:24:00 New Brunswick delegates to attend trade show New Brunswick food businesses and industry associations will be in Vancouver next week to develop business opportunities at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association Convention and Trade Show. 2018042013:00:00 Coroner’s inquest scheduled Chief Coroner Gregory Forestell announced that an inquest into the death of Ronald Sherman Warren has been scheduled for May 1-3 at the Carrefour Assomption, 2nd floor Courtroom D, Edmundston. 2018042009:14:00 Statement on Ambulance New Brunswick The following statement was released today by Health Minister Benoît Bourque. 2018041914:17:00 2018042015:52:00